Who’s and What’s

Who’s GeeDee?

GeeDee (@dubitareaude on Twitter) is my preferred nickname, and comes from the initials of my name – Gaia Donati. I am a physics graduate with a PhD in quantum optics from the University of Oxford, UK. I worked as an associate editor at Springer Nature (research journals) for a year; at present I am writing and editing as a freelancer – while looking for equilibrium (which to me is a wider concept than that of work-life balance). My scientific interests cover a broad spectrum, although there are topics that I am particularly attached to given my academic background – examples are quantum information and quantum computation, laser physics, imaging and metrology. Besides science, I love photography and folk music (especially British and North American songs and ballads), and am curious about calligraphy and languages.


What’s this place?

This blog is my online portfolio. As such, some entries link to published pieces that I wrote for various magazines and journals; others are musings that found a natural home here – all in all, a quantum of science.
About the URL: ‘dubitare aude’ means ‘dare to doubt’ in Latin – an evergreen reminder that doubt nourishes science.
I took most of the photos attached to each post – my snapshots of life on this planet!