Open Access: one expression for many implications

I was extremely pleased to contribute an article on Open Acess to the latest issue of Phenotype Journal, the magazine of the Oxford University Biochemical Society. The full issue is available online and looks gorgeous! Thanks to the absence of length and formatting constraints on this blog, I added a few more references to the … More Open Access: one expression for many implications


In October I visited a secondary school as a STEM Ambassador ( The event I participated in has allegedly been inspired by a television programme – small groups of pupils have five minutes to visit your “stall”, examine your display of “clues” which you brought as “everyday tools of the job” and ask questions with … More Stereotypes

The (un)stable equilibrium of collaboration

Take a group of educated, slightly over-worked and potentially stressed individuals and add one condition: they have to communicate with each other and take decisions together. Let us now restrict our observation to a specific category – PhD students, for example. I remember the summer before the start of my doctoral degree. I had a … More The (un)stable equilibrium of collaboration